State-of-the-art equipment and instruments for

quality service

Rotostampa Srl, thanks to the technologies at its disposal, is able to support clients in the performance of any kind of job, delivering also a highly customized service of development and design with maximum confidentiality.

Advanced instruments

In order to guarantee a quality service and in abidance by the Italian, European and American regulations, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment, which are regularly and constantly checked so that the final result is always up to our most rigid expectations.

Furthermore, we have a 2-colour Line 1600. Such line is equipped with sophisticated machinery which allow for both water and solvent printing; both machines are equipped with computerized controllers that allow printing on thicknesses from 12 microns to over 800 microns.

Laboratory equipment

In effect, there are numerous devices in our laboratory through which all the necessary checks of the activities supporting the printing activities are carried out.

The laboratory is equipped with the following instruments:

  • Spectrophotometric Analysis is carried out for each printed reel, thus guaranteeing the colour being constant within the L.A.B. parameters.
  • LEICA Microscope for reading the defects being present in the work process
  • Instrument for reading the EAN code
  • Precision micrometre for measuring the variable thickness
  • Instrument for Gloss measuring, in order to establish the shine degree of the products being over-painted
  • Gas chromatograph

Committed to the environment

Rotostampa Srl has focussed its environmental policy on the creation of a responsible development model through the implementation of operational choices that do not have negative impacts on the environment and on people’s health.