Quality and Precision

Thanks to the printing machineries at our disposal we are able to carry out the following productions:

  1. Special productions: customized anti-shoplifting.
  2. Printing from 1 to 8 colours on 350μ thickness aimed at making visual box cans. Sophisticated checks of registers guarantee superior quality.
  3. 8-colour printing on material being burned for the realization of health cards. The technique being utilized has allowed for a very high level of chromatic result.
  4. Rotogravure printing on all types of flexible materials.
  5. 8-colour printing, band height 1050mm
  6. 2-colour printing: width up to 1600mm. Thickness between 12μ and 800μ.
  7. Cutting plotters for cut-to-register formats on printed images.
See some examples of our productions

As the Design in the Packaging sector has been evolving since 1997, we equipped ourselves with a tubular machine in order to realize sleevers that can satisfy the most varied requirements on the market, and in 2009 with a second Cutting Line machine: twin shaft-cutters from 1650mm to 1200mm which permit to work with extreme ease all the material that we print and which are equipped with computerized scales to check the production and its traceability.

Why choosing Rotostampa

If it can be printed, we will do it.

  • 8!
    8-colour rotary press and UV print
  • 800µ
    Printing of materials from 12µ to 800µ
  • 200mm
    Sleeve machine for flat tubular from 15 mm to 200 mm
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