Examples of jobs

We will work with you in all phases of the project.

If it can be printed, we will do it

We will show you some examples of the products that Quadratino_15 Rotostampa Srl is able to realize thanks to the equipment at its disposal.


Particular printing techniques permit to realize thermocouple materials to create helmets that are printed on PS. PET/Polycarbonate.


Particular processes permit an indelible printing that is suitable for food purposes on PET/PS. Polycarbonate and metallic.

Garden tables

Particular processes and printing guarantee excellent resistance to the weather.

Coin wrapping paper

Sleeves of various measures with dotted line and/or print for strip

8-colour rotogravure printing

Tubular and printed material suitable for automatic bottle packaging

All our productions meet the Italian, European and American regulations on packaging for food, toys, etc… Among our productions there are special varnishes and wholly painted backgrounds on polyethylene, polyester, PVC and polypropylene.