Our best characteristics:

flexibility, adaptability and speed

Our state-of-the-art equipment, the automated machineries and the correct management of the transformation processes permit us today to speed up the execution times whilst satisfying quality standards, meeting safety regulations and respecting the workers’ health.

Since 1978...

The company was born in 1978 for the rotogravure reel printing on every kind of flexible material for packaging aimed at different purpose, from the food sector to home furnishing design. We also deal with planning, developing and solving particular requests with confidential agreements for each individual client.

From the innovative raw material being selected with great attention, also in full respect of the environment, to the finished product, our products are accurately analyzed and controlled according to the guidelines of the European Community Regulations.

... until today.

Today Rotostampa Srl despite its small business characteristics, is able to compete on the national and international market by taking advantage of its best qualities: flexibility, adaptability and speed.

The company’s future is patterned on the solid basis of the past, rich with gratifications for the ongoing growth, innovation and organization, in order to satisfy in an eclectic manner all the ideas that follow the current trends and the sector’s requests.

Certified quality

Our Company is certified through Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2008